Comprehensive Indoor Tracking, Control and Monitoring Solution
Tag assets with RFID or BLE Beacons based on your requirements
A Comperhensive Real-time display of the automated facility
Moniter the status and position of your assets and create automation workflows
Create your own dashboards with a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface.
Deep Learning powered Intelligent system that can detect worker safety compliance.
Security is ensured during data transit and storage.
Indoor Real-time Integration System, abbreviated as IRIS, is an end-to-end indoor tracking, monitoring and automation solution for different factories and facilities alike. IRIS works by tagging assets with RFID or BLE Beacons and provides a platform to monitor with a comprehensive remote view of the facility and create automation workflows. IRIS utilizes the market leading Internet of Things platform from Microsoft Azure, thus providing a comprehensive ecosystem to connect devices and automate processes. It also includes a Deep Learning powered Intelligent Agent that plugs into an existing CCTV network to ensure Safety Compliance of Blue Collar workers.
How It Works
01 IRIS monitors and tracks assets within a facility where GPS lacks precision. IRIS works with Active/Passive RFID and BLE Beacons.
02 IRIS client enables you to connect different touchpoints to our platform, which can include Boom Barriers, Weigh Bridges, Loading/Unloading Bays, or other industry specific entities.
03 It also lets you configure RFID scanners, BLE scanners, CCTV cameras and other peripherals used in a facility.
04 IRIS, which has an Event Driven architecture, allows an organization to easily define any number of automation workflows.
05 God’s view provides a comprehensive real-time display of a facility which allows seamless remote monitoring of assets, control of touch points along and ability to trigger alerts.
06 Using Deep Learning we’ve built an Intelligent system that works with an existing CCTV network and ensures blue collar workers are following safety standards with respect to their protective gear.
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