Our story ...

Integration Wizards came to existence with the idea of creating an enterprise landscape where everything is possible. We believe in the concept of ‘happily agile’, creating a solution for enterprises to adapt to whatever new technology that serves their requirements the best. Scalable, secure and seamless is the mantra we adhere to while creating our holistic IOT offerings. As per the demands of the industry, we can connect anything to the cloud - Mobile devices, sensors, controllers et al.

Our flagship product Silverline, is a single platform for enterprise integration that encompasses Mobility and IOT both. It is a complete Cloud platform based and built on Microsoft Azure with the ability to build native/cross-platform/hybrid mobile apps and supported across iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Silverline 2.0 extends its solution to support industrial devices in order to communicate, control and automate them.

We are currently hosting 16000 enterprise users from across 16 countries on Silverline. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies that use our products and solutions, created on our versatile platform. Integration Wizards also has a global partnership with Pega Systems to support them with their Enterprise mobility customers.

Integration Wizards operates in the areas of Enterprise Mobility, Industrial IOT and Machine Learning. These fields are agile in their requirements with an ecosystem consisting of multiple devices with varying levels of intelligence. We have constantly evolved, often ahead of the changing times to provide what is required by an enterprise.

Our strength lies in creating a robust interface with the back office systems with a responsive and user friendly interface on the mobile devices. The team consists of the UI/UX experts who design and deliver a great user experience along with a team of Integration and back office systems experts for popular enterprise systems like SAP ERP/CRM, SAP BW, Oracle E-Business Solutions, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, Oracle On Demand , Click, IFS to name a few.

Why us?

Our expert team works on an existing pre-built IIOT platform, enabling us to give a fast turnover and lower the cost overhead without compromising on the quality of our solution

We help you become Happily Agile at the speed required by your enterprise. We empower a smooth transition from one technology to another. Right from gathering requirement to creating a industry specific custom solution and to the final deployment, our expert team is there to hand-hold an enterprise at all stages. Because of our existing platform, Silverline, we can reduce the time required for the process by a huge margin.

Our core team has worked in enterprise mobility since it’s inception. Right from sms based communication to the latest in smartphones, we have helped enterprises evolve better systems to disseminate information and stay connected.

We understand that the most important aspect of inter-connected devices is integration between all the various components. We work from the basic unit of connection between devices - whether connected to intelligent network or legacy protocol.

Moving on to IIOT is a form of natural progression for us, in sync with what works best for an enterprise that wants to be ready for the future.

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