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Enterprise AI Platform for CCTVs

Retail outlets are mostly equipped with CCTV Cameras. IRIS enables you to tap into them to get meaningful insights in your customer behaviour, staff utilization, and store layout. You can use your existing infrastructure to understand the footfall, customer demographics, sentiments, staff interaction and peak times.
petroleum retail
The success of a petroleum retail outlet is predominantly dependent on its ability to establish a core group of repeat users. IRIS utilises existing CCTV cameras in a petrol bunk to identify customers and their vehicle related analytical information, while also optimising adherence to standard operating procedures.
health & safety
The occupational health and safety in industrial premises is predominantly people-dependent, rendering it vulnerable to human error. From detecting fire to PPE, it sends alerts on detecting non-compliance and can do so much more. Moreover, it generates daily reports on machine utilization demonstrating their usage efficiency.
IRIS can help you measure low-level details like truck TAT, Dock utilization, Forklift, MHE and Personnel utilization while also ensuring adherence to SOP.
We aim to make the intrusion panel redundant. Our genre defining algorithm converts a regular CCTV camera into a dependable security solution, which detects movement from as far as 120m and identifies human intrusion against other movements.
ATMs are a very important part of the banking industry. With IRIS, banks can ensure security inside ATM's by detecting suspicious activities like a person wearing helmet, using mobile phones or attempting to tamper with the ATM or Cameras.
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Computer Vision Solution
Transform CCTV Cameras to analytical assets that provide actionable insights.
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Enterprise Mobility Platform
A cloud based platform for enterprise mobile applications that runs across devices.
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Mobile Device Management
Approved by Google, it offers effortless management of mobile devices remotely.
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IRIS: An AI based computer vision platform that helps organisations derive actionable insights using their existing CCTV infrastructure
Integration Wizards Solutions is at the forefront of innovation. It believes in the transformation and keeping up with the latest technological developments. The company provides the IRIS enterprise computer vision solution, Silverline, a one-stop enterprise mobility platform, and Silverline MDM that helps experience the future of device management.
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